Sunshine Air & Mechanical Services are proud to partner with Advantage Air to provide smart home solutions.

Advantage Air is a family owned Australian company that designs, manufactures and distributes innovative smart home and air conditioning systems from their head office in Perth. Their systems are renowned for harnessing the latest technology to deliver unrivalled comfort and energy efficiency. In the last 20 years they have focussed more specifically on smart electronic home systems that are easy to use and affordable to the average Australian.

MyPlace by Advantage Air

MyPlace transforms your home into a smart home. It is a reliable, convenient, integrated system that works with existing items in your home. Such as air con, lights, fans, motorised blinds and garage door. It comes in modular form allowing you to add now or later. The choice is yours.

An Android touchscreen that’s also a tablet

Your MyPlace colour touchscreen allows you to control your home appliances and day-to day family life through one simple integrated system and tablet. As the tablet is hardwired, it is always charged and never goes missing.

Custom App

Advantage Air’s custom designed app is an extra feature that allows most smart phones or tablets to become a remote control. It works through your WIFI and lets you access and control your products from the comfort of your couch at home, before you leave your workplace, by the pool in a resort or anywhere else in the world. Convenience at your fingertips.

Exact Air Regulators

As Advantage Air couldn’t achieve the desired level of airflow control they were after with conventional dampers, they designed their own: the Exact Air Regulator. So, instead of a single scoop damper, the Exact Air Regulator has four Opposed Blade Dampers with 21 different positions. Which means they open and close in 5% increments allowing for optimum air flow.

Advantage Air MyAir systems

One control – the MyAir touchscreen controls both the air management system and the air-conditioning unit from one easy-to-use colour touchscreen. Simply tap on the function you want and follow the prompts. Or use the MyAir app that turns your other smart devices into additional remote controls. Advantage Air’s MyAir system has up to 10 zones and each room can be controlled independently so everyone can customise the airflow to their room. Making life even more comfortable. Contact us to find out more about how MyAir can help you.

Why buy anything else when Advantage Air offers:

  • Colour touchscreen that doubles as an Android tablet.
  • Control of up to 10 zones.
  • Optional Individual Temperature Control sensors.
  • Australian made and locally supported.
  • Efficient air management system.
  • 10 year warranty on ducting and mechanical components.
  • 5 year warranty on all electronics.

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